Frequently Asked Questions 

How long have Dr. Randolph and Dr. Jackson been in practice?

Dr. Randolph started his solo private practice in 1984, and Dr. Jackson entered private practice in 1993.

What procedures do Dr. Randolph and Dr. Jackson do?

While both doctors trained extensively in all aspects of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery procedures, now they primarily focus on in-office procedures such as wisdom tooth removal, implants, extractions, expose and bond and other orthodontic surgeries, fractures, lacerations, biopsies, bone grafting, abscesses/infections, full mouth extractions, alveoloplasty, tori removal, denture prep and IV sedation.

Can I go to sleep for any procedure?

Absolutely! We want you to be completely comfortable for your procedure; therefore, you may choose the type of sedation that best suits your needs.

Can I eat or drink if I’m having I.V. sedation?

No. You should have an empty stomach if you want to be sedated for your treatment. We require that you have nothing to eat or drink, including water, for at least 6 hours prior to your surgery.

At what age do people usually have their wisdom teeth removed?

Our typical wisdom tooth patient is middle high school-early college age. However, we can remove wisdom teeth as early as 14, if required. We also see a lot of adult patients for wisdom tooth removal.

How long will it take to get my wisdom teeth removed?

Third molar surgery, also known as wisdom tooth removal, takes approximately 1 hour if you are having all 4 removed.

How much does it cost to have my wisdom teeth removed?

The cost varies depending on the following factors: how many teeth you are having removed, whether or not you want to be sedated and the level of impaction. A consultation is typically required.

Is everyone a good implant candidate?

No, a consultation is required to determine if an implant is the best treatment option for you.

Why do I need an implant?

If you’ve lost a tooth for any reason and you are having trouble chewing, eating or speaking, or if you don’t like the way your mouth or your smile looks, you may want to consider an implant. Dental implants are a natural looking, natural feeling alternative to partials, or dentures.

How long do I have to wait after an extraction to have an implant placed?

Typically, the surgical site needs to heal for approximately 3 months after an extraction.

Will my insurance cover implants?

Some insurance providers cover implants, others do not. We highly recommend you call your carrier to find out your benefits prior to your implant surgery.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks, personal checks and debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and Carecredit.  Valid picture identification is required for all forms of payment, except cash, and the account holder MUST be present.

Where is your office located?

Our office is a block and a half outside Loop 410 on Blanco Road in the Creekside Office Condominiums. The address is 7300 Blanco Road, Suite #100; our telephone number is 210-344-9898. Please see map.

What are your business hours?

Our office is open Monday-Friday from 7:30-4:30; we typically close from 12:00 to 1:00 for lunch.