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Surgical Instructions for After Socket Bone Grafting

Bluebonnet Oral Surgery and Implants understands the importance of providing comprehensive instructions to our patients after undergoing socket bone grafting. In this section, we will present you with detailed guidelines to ensure optimal healing and recovery. From managing discomfort to maintaining proper oral hygiene, our team is dedicated to supporting you throughout this process. Let’s delve into the essential post-operative instructions for a successful outcome. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our dental clinic in San Antonio, TX, if you have any questions or concerns.

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About Your Socket Bone Grafting Procedure

This information is relevant when grafting material is inserted into extraction sites to preserve your jawbone for potential implant replacement after a tooth extraction. The bone graft consists of numerous particles, and you may notice small granules in your mouth during the initial days. There’s no need to be alarmed. It’s normal for some of the granules to emerge from the graft site into your mouth.

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How to Minimize the Amount of Dislodged Particles

To reduce the risk of dislodging particles:

  • Refrain from disturbing or touching the wound.
  • Avoid rinsing or spitting for two days to promote blood clotting and graft material stabilization.
  • Resist applying pressure with your tongue or fingers to the grafted area during the initial healing phase.
  • Avoid lifting or pulling on the lip to inspect sutures, as this may damage the wound site and tear sutures.
  • Refrain from smoking.
  • Gentle rinsing is allowed after the second day, but don’t do it too vigorously because you could disturb some of the bone graft granules again.

Our Dental Staff Is Here for You

We aim for a smooth and pleasant recovery for you. Following these instructions will aid in your progress. If you have any questions, please contact our office. Attempt to call during office hours, but if it’s after hours, you can reach one of our doctors on their cell phone at 210-344-9898.

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