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Orthodontic Surgical Services in San Antonio, TX

Welcome to Bluebonnet Oral Surgery and Implants, where we specialize in addressing a range of dental issues to ensure the optimal alignment and positioning of teeth. Our comprehensive approach involves a variety of surgical interventions, each tailored to specific conditions, resulting in shorter and less complicated orthodontic treatments. Learn more about our orthodontic surgical services in San Antonio, TX, and schedule an appointment today.

dentist performing a procedure on patient's teeth

Planned Removal of Baby Teeth for Optimal Orthodontic Results

Instead of allowing the baby teeth to naturally become loose, our dentist may advise planned removal if prolonged retention is identified. This proactive measure aims to positively influence the successful and timely eruption of permanent teeth, ensuring they align better and leading to shorter, less complicated orthodontic treatments. Prolonged retention of baby teeth can affect both multiple teeth and individual teeth. Our team is dedicated to addressing these concerns with precision and expertise to promote your child’s optimal oral development.

Blocked Path of Eruption

In cases where permanent teeth struggle to displace baby teeth due to additional dental structures like supernumerary teeth or abnormal growths (odontomas), our resolution typically involves extracting the primary or abnormal tooth obstructing the path. Occasionally, gentle orthodontic traction forces, facilitated by orthodontic brackets, may be applied to guide the permanent tooth into its correct position.

Dentigerous Cysts

The hindrance of permanent teeth eruption or impaction may also occur due to dentigerous cysts, where abnormal enlargement of the dental follicle forms a fluid-filled cyst. Our treatment involves surgically removing the cyst, extracting affected baby teeth, and potentially using orthodontic brackets to guide the impacted permanent tooth if necessary.

Impacted Cuspids

The maxillary cuspids, vital for dental arch integrity and bite alignment, can sometimes fail to naturally erupt into their correct positions. Treatment includes exposing and bonding the impacted tooth, accompanied by orthodontic maneuvers to guide its placement. Early recognition, typically between ages 11-15, enhances success with braces. If unsuccessful, extraction and implant placement may be recommended.

Dental Crowding

Disparities between tooth size and available jaw space can lead to dental crowding and misalignment. Our interventions range from selective reshaping of teeth to reduce width in cases of minor crowding to the extraction of one or more teeth, often bicuspids, when additional space is required.

Diastemas & Frenulums

Diastemas, or gaps between teeth, particularly in the upper front teeth, may result from abnormal frenulum attachment. Our correction involves orthodontic adjustments coupled with frenuloplasty, a minor surgical procedure altering the frenulum’s position or reducing its size. Brief in-office procedures, taking less than 30 minutes, are typical for these interventions.

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