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Bluebonnet Oral Surgery and Implants

We enjoy hearing from our patients! To leave a testimonial of your own, please use the button below.

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I have and extreme fear of dentists due to a childhood trauma and I was referred to Dr Jackson by my general dentist for an extraction in the back for a molar. Dr Jackson and his staff were very caring and understanding. I was made to feel comfortable and Dr Jackson was thorough in explaining the process and also validated my fear. My extraction went without a problem and before I knew it it was over and I was successfully distracted and the Dr and nurse were awesome. Thank you all for your stellar care of me and I highly recommend this office and Dr Jackson.

Melissa Broschat

Everyone I had contact with was very professional and helpful. Valerie who I talked with was VERY helpful. I needed something done sooner than later and she made it happen. Dr Cockrell answered all the questions I had, I never felt hurried. He put my mind at ease. Great experience.

Susie Higgins

Nice clean office, Dr. Cockrell was very thorough, I’m terrified of the dentist because of past experiences, but he made me feel at ease. Lisa at the front desk is very nice and welcoming. They are quick, wait times was very minimal.

Veronica Alvarado

LOVED LOVED LOVED the staffing. Everyone was so great especially Dr. Jackson and nurse Rebecca. The front desk lady with the glasses is such a sweetheart and literally had every single thing ready for me as far as the exact amount my insurance was going to pay and what I was going to pay. All of my paperwork was ready by the time my consultation was over. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and they called a couple of hours after my surgery to check on me and make sure I was feeling okay. I will always recommend this office. Thank you Bluebonnet!

Madisen Dominguez

Great experience overall. I asked for my estimated cost weeks in advance and they provided it. The people below who said they weren’t told is because they didn’t ASK. Just ask, give them all your insurance info, and they will tell you.
The actual process was great. I was extremely nervous because my general dentist told me the bone was thin. The surgeon looked at my X-ray and knew exactly what he needed to do to remove my wisdom tooth. He administered the anesthesia, there was a small glitch where I felt a pinch in my face. I explained it to him and he knew what it was. It went away and everything carried on as normal. My procedure was simple and did not require the gum to be cut. He was able to wiggle the tooth to success.
I was read to and given care instructions. I followed them and 60 hours later my hole is almost completely healed with no issues. Comments stating otherwise must not have followed the simple steps and ate all kinds of foods while their hole was wide open. Common sense! I didn’t need any syringe like previously stated in the comments because I know not to get food near my gaping hole.
I’m so thankful it went well because I was extremely nervous.

Crystal Caraballo

I am 39 years old and had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Jackson last year. I was referred to him by my dentist who is located across town and I was glad that I chose him. Dr. Jackson is a very pleasant man who took the time to explain every step of the procedure to me. He answered every single one of my questions and I never felt rushed. Surprisingly, he even called me the day after my surgery to ask how I was doing. Rebecca, his assistant, is extremely pleasant as well. They seem like such good, genuine people. My entire experience was great from start to finish. So much so that my 21 year old daughter is having all 4 of her wisdom teeth taken out by him today. If you're looking for an oral surgeon, look no further. Come see Dr. Jackson. You'll be glad you did!

M Rivera

Dr. Jackson pulled my lower left back tooth. It was painless! A relatively quick procedure. After getting numbing injections (not that bad), u wait a few minutes then he effortlessly does it! No hard yanking at all. I guess everyone is different but my procedure was quick! I couldn’t believe it was done. His assistant was excellent too.

Jimmy James

Had to have back molar pulled. From the front office to the nurse and Dr Randolph, they were the best. Highly recommend. Professional but kind and compassionate.

Carol Kumler

Dr. Jackson and his staff are wonderful. My son had his 3rd molars removed here. They are organized and go over recommended treatment and cost. They make sure to take the time and go over needed care post op. My son felt very comfortable here. I would recommend this office to family and friends.

Yanez Yanez

Dr Jackson and his team were fantastic. They explained everything they were going to do and really put me at ease. The IV sedation process was very smooth and easy. I’ve realized the importance of having a good dentist and oral surgeon in you life! Thank you so much!

DrDan Foss

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